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Checklist inquiry form / Inquiry of thread rolls / regrinding chasers / repairs


You can order thread rolls of all types from us. Simply fill out our inquiry form or send us a fax reply by filling out the PDF document below:

Download request form for thread rolls




Take advantage of our favorable chaser regrinding service. You can send us used thread chasers without any problems and we will resharpen them in a short time so that they are fully operational again.
Please send us the chasers, providing your contact details or your customer number as well as the desired grinding (short, medium or long) to the following address:

Wagner Tooling Systems Baublies GmbH
Chaser Regrinding Service
Gutenbergstraße 4/1
72124 Pliezhausen



When inquiring about a Wagner tooling system, please use this checklist so that we can offer you exactly the tool you need. Please send the completed form to: sales.wagner(@)

Download checklist inquiry form


Our fast repair service offers you the possibility to have a damaged tool system repaired by our expert personnel. Use our repair form and send us the tool to be repaired. As a rule, you will receive it back within 3 weeks.
And if it should take longer: we always try to provide you with a replacement system on loan for the time of the repair. So your work does not have to rest.

Download repair form

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