Thread Rolling Attachments with pre-fitted rolls: B13-VB & B16-VB

WAGNER® Thread Rolling Attachments are now available with pre-fitted rolls. Thanks to these rolls it is possible to roll threads directly in front of a collar or a chuck. This can all be done in very short process times and in constant premium thread quality throughout the entire length of the thread.

So far, the pre-fitted rolls are available for the types B13 and B16. They are designed for the use on all current turning machines with a controlled feed motion.

The working range for B13-VB varies from diameter 3 to 24 mm with a maximum pitch of 1.5 mm.
For B16-VB a working range from diameter 13 to 42 mm with a maximum pitch of 2 mm will be possible.

All WAGNER® Thread Rolling Attachments are suited for the chip-free shaping technology of threads close up to a collar or very short threads. It is also possible to roll threads with very short run-out or threads where the end of the workpiece is not free.