External cylindrical machining of the premium class

Thread rolling and cutting, knurling, beading, crimping or rolling-in:

WAGNER® Werkzeugsysteme specialises in the production of axial rolling heads, thread rolling attachments, cutting heads and multi-cutter turning heads for the efficient and precise reduction of diameters.

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Expertise covering a wide range of cylindrical machining processes

WAGNER® Werkzeugsysteme Müller GmbH specialises in the production of precision tools for use in the efficient production of external threads and special production stages such as beading, crimping, knurling or rolling-in. Here you will find information about our latest projects, new products and company news.

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Shorter cycle times thanks to new compact closing device

The new series of closing devices extend the product range - and thanks to the reduced installation space - allow solutions on machines with limited space. 

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Thread Rolling Attachments with pre-fitted rolls:
B13-VB und B16-VB

WAGNER thread rolling attachments are now available with pre-fitted rolls. This makes tangential rolling even more versatile, because it doesn't matter how big the collar is or how close to the chuck thread rolling takes place. 

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Internally controlled: Rolling and Cutting Heads with an "-I"

The new internally controlled axial rolling heads and cutting heads make it possible to produce threads even in smallest machine rooms. They are now available in various sizes. 

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Our product range is growing: New tangential tool TSW

Due to the great width of the rolls a very large diameter range can be covered by just one tool. It is also very easy to handle and be purchased at a very attractive price.

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