Internally controlled: Rolling and Cutting Heads with an „-I“

Coping the increasing demand for space saving tools with easy controls, we optimized our axial rolling heads and our cutting heads.

The new tools with the addition „-I“, as in „internally controlled“, are captivating with their compact size. This has been achieved by an internally placed control which makes the control housing and the external control linkage become redundant. The handling is much easier securing a safe and failure-free closing. The result is a tool which enables space saving operation even in small machine rooms.

For the axial rolling heads the product range expansion covers the tree types RR16-I, RR22-I and RR42-I. The working range varies from M3 to M42, fine threads up to M72x2.

The cutting heads series is expanded by the following types:  ZR22-I, ZR26-I, ZR27-I, Z27-I, Z27K-I, Z39-I, Z39K-I and Z64-I. The working range varies from M3 to M64, fine threads up to M90x2.

All types of rolling and cutting heads are developed for the use on rotary tables and special machines with control rod operation.